Our Approach to Value Chain

Primary Inputs:

High quality inputs are necessary for optimum production at farm level. Agroindust Inc. goal is to acquire and build extraordinary capabilities in the inputs areas of production for products that Agroindust deals in. Our Agricultural inputs investments cover, farm management services, extension services, seeds & fertilizers, veterinary health services and animal husbandry, improved breeding and training in livestock.

Logistics and Handling:

Logistics and handling is one of the important segments of Agroindust Inc. value chain. Agroindust Inc. is operating one stop units (FLCC’s and MCC’s) in provinces which serves as storage and basic processing facilities for farmers produce. Beside this investing in transportation and further handling facilities enable efficiency in sourcing, storing and transporting and delivering products.


Agroindust is investing in the creation of vertically integrated supply chains to ensure reliability of production, efficient logistics, and food safety in maximizing value for customers. Agroindust´s supply chains increase market contestability both at the producer end and at the consumer ends of the chain. At the consumer end, we compete primarily through price, differentiated products and services and differentiated terms of sale. At the producer end of the chain, Agroindust Inc. will compete with other purchasers for "producer affiliation" and core vendor commitments.  


Processing play a pivotal role in AI value chain. Typically, processing results in achieving higher return on produce or making entirely new products from the produce. The Ai processing activities depends on the type of product including cleaning, sorting, grading, crushing, treating and packing. In future Agroindust will invest in processing facilities based on the need and potential of the products and prospects offered by domestic and international market.


In marketing our focus is on building a strong network with domestic and international stakeholders by producing quality food products. This enable us to supply our target food products.