Agro- Processing Investment

As a lead private agriculture investment company, AI main priorities are making efficient investments and facilitating the development of agriculture industry in Afghanistan through developing and strengthening value chains and processing facilities. At national level AI has built and has been implementing the following projects.

1. Horticultural high value crops processing

2. Dairy processing

Horticulture Processing

 Agroindust invested in medium and large scale processing facilities based on the demands and potential of each Agroindust target product and the prospects offered by domestic and international markets. At supply level Agroindust will be operating 12 farm level collection centers (FLCC’s) in five provinces where the potential target agricultural products are cultivated in abundance in good quality. These FLCC’s will serve as primary aggregation and processing points of target produces. The agricultural products which go through primary value addition process which includes sorting, grading and washing will be transported to Agroindust main processing center in Kabul. Agroindust Inc. main processing plant is expected to start operations in the early 2018. In the main processing plant high value crops are processed further into varieties of quality finished products, ready to serve the purpose of final consumer.

Agroindust main processing facility has four processing lines (Dry fruits, fresh fruits, juices and jams) with a huge processing capacity for each line. This facility has the capacity to process, package and store fresh fruits & vegetables, dry fruits, juices and jams for prolonged period in a well-designed cold storage facility.


The processing capacity of main processing facility at Kabul is 2225 Kg / hour for fresh fruits & vegetables, 1000 kg /hour for dry fruits, 1000 liters/ hour for juices and 185 Kg/hour for Jam with daily 8 hours of operation in 26 days a month.  Our current target horticulture products for commercial processing are:

1. Dry Fruits: Raisins, Apricots and Figs

2. Fresh Fruits: Apples, Grapes, Pomegranates, Apricots, Cherries etc.   

3. Juices: Pure 100% Juices of above fresh fruits.

4. Jam: Apple, Apricot and Fig Jam

Dairy Processing

Dairy is an important contributor to the overall agricultural GDP in Afghanistan, and highlighted as a major sector for investments due to the fact that annual import of dairy products is around 90 million USD and is total of more than 90% of the market share. As an investment company in agribusiness Agrondust Inc. made it its priority, investing in dairy processing in order to support and sustain the dairy sector in Afghanistan. Taking this into account Agroindust Inc. started implementing a dairy UHT processing plant in Mazar e Sharif for processing milk into different variants such as plain and flavored UHT milk, yogurt and cheese.

The Agroindust Inc. dairy processing business model is built on a strong business case keeping in view the relative advantages of location of the plant, management of milk collection centers in the region and the capacity of processing plant with varieties of dairy product production. Agroindust Inc. conducted a feasibility study on milk processing business in Balkh, Afghanistan. The study resulted in investing into milk processing business. Subsequently on the other hand Agroindust Inc. was awarded the contract for operationalizing five Milk Collection Centers (MCC’s) in Balkh by Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility (CARD-F) project of Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL) Afghanistan. The MCCs will serve as the basic remote operational facilities for UHT plant as primary collection points where, milk reception tests and storage of milk will also take place until transported to UHT plant for further value addition.

Agroindust Inc. selected UHT plant will have a total capacity of processing 6,000 liters of milk per hour. The dairy products produced within the plant will be UHT milk (plain & flavored milk, plain yogurt and soft cheese.