Mission Statement

To process, supply and export high quality Afghan agriculture products by investing in modern production and value adding facilities that caters the needs of domestic and international market.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a responsible private company in agriculture, in tangible terms that means making investments in sustainable businesses, expanding the job market, delivering quality and affordable products & services to our clients.



Our values are the parameters for how we operate & interact with the stakeholders.

Integrity: We advocate honest and transparent practices in all our relationships by building trust with customers, communities and one another by doing what is rght.

Quality: We strive to make outstanding products and maintain excellent operating practices.

Health: We produce natural and organic products. No additives. Good food for better health.

Sustainability: We promote sustainability in all areas of our business from agricultural practices to processing.

Empowerment: As a socially responsible company we believe in giving back to community and we hire, train and empower people from marginal communities to operate and advance our business.