CEO Message

Truly Afghanistan is an agriculture country and the majority of rural population is employed in agriculture. After decades of instability and political unrest Afghanistan is still struggling hard for self-sufficiency in agriculture production to reduce its imports of products that is already produced within the country. To contribute to achieving the targets of self-sufficiency, Agroindust Inc. is committed to invest in securing supply of food through encouraging producers to apply contemporary production techniques, establishing robust storage and processing facilities and creating market opportunities.

As a leading company in agribusiness and agro-processing, we have invested in creating value chain for targeted food products which includes fresh fruits, dry fruits & nuts, vegetables & dairy to ensure efficient supply in an integrated manner, commencing from agriculture products to the storage, handling, trade, shipping, and strategic storage to enhance the productivity and efficiency and potential for adding value.

We have committed our company to excellence as we fulfill our goals to supply quality products year- round and strengthen the agriculture communities as we pioneer the way toward improving our industry. To achieve these goals, we are focusing on forging good relationship with the stakeholders and provide a corporate atmosphere where at the end of the day each employee knows their efforts contributed to the company’s goals and success.

We promise our partners that we are committed to make AI a leader in the supply of quality food goods and related agricultural, commercial and logistical activities.  We will be relentless in our pursuit of fulfilling our obligations and achieving the objectives of AI with a strong set of investments.

Serving Afghan agriculture and agri-food industry is an important calling, and we are proud to contribute to this diverse industry.

                                                                                                                                               Abdullah Munib

                                                                                                                                               CEO Agroindust Inc.